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25th Annual 40 Gun Raffle

Tickets to the 25th Annual gun raffle are available at these locations.

Ben's Guns
Rockton Bar
Auto Value/ Viroqua
Viola Quick Stop Temporarily Closed
Liberty Bar
Citizen Bank Viola
Sogg’s Pub in Yuba
Phil&Debs Bar LaFarge
Rockton Bar
VFW in Viroqua

All the funds raised through the annual raffle, go directly to the purchase, of state of the art, Fire Service equipment. Since there are NO administration costs involved, every penny is used to it’s fullest. This allows us to keep up with rapidly advancing technology. Our fund raising also, allows us to keep the Tax burden, of our community members, as low as possible.

The equipment on this page was entirely payed for by our fund raising, no tax dollars were used. One of our new purchases, is a new Command vehicle. The Command truck, is the first thing out the door, at a firehouse.
Typically, Command trucks, carry little or nothing in the way of firefighting tools.

Our new Command truck, carries a full complement of Technical Rescue equipment. 275 gallons of water, can pump 29G.P.M. @400P.S.I. with class A foam. Both high pressure hose reels, and low pressure hose lays, as well as many other essential firefighting tools. It’s enhanced capabilities, allow us to arrive on the scene, with the tools and equipment we need most, and have them ready to go as quickly as possible. This new piece of equipment, means we can begin operations much sooner then ever before. Since it was put into service, it has already proven it’s value by arresting fires, and preventing property damage, in real world situations.

Comand 1Comand 8

We have also recently purchased, a set of Herst Edrolics extrication tools ( Jaws Of Life). These tools represent, a quantum leap forward in technology. They are stronger, faster, and much faster to deploy, then our old Jaws units.

Since they do not require a separate power unit, that must be setup and connected by hydraulic lines to each tool, these new tools are ready to use the instant they are picked up. It also means, we can take them to places, previously impossible, to access with conventional Jaws.
All of this means, valuable time saved, when time matters most!

2013-11-12 at 19-11-15 (2)

We wish to thank every one who has participated in the raffle over the years! Your generosity, enables us to match, the ever increasing, demands we face.
Your support, makes you partners in our quest to offer the Best
protection, and service, possible.

Thank you and good luck with the Raffle!

Raffle Winners ……………………………Gun List